Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foggy, Foggy Dew


   This, my friends, is a completed Citron. :) A fun and easy knit, but it started to take a bit more time towards the end. A whopping 540 stitches per row on the ruffle! Happily, it’s done and blocked (unblocked in this photo). I was in too much of a hurry this morning and forgot it at home though. :( A pity, because I’d have loved to wear it today. As gloomy and rainy looking as it is right now, I could use something bright.


   Now that I’m done with one shawl, I’m starting another-- Spring is in the Air, although I’m naming it “Foggy Dew” since mine is a fog gray with clear beads. :D This is my first time beading while knitting and I rather like it so far. I just used some beading wire to pull the yarn through the bead since it’s what I had at the time and works really, really well. :) The pattern is quite simple too, so you can usually just memorize the line and glance at the chart or written directions for reference once in awhile. It’ll be awhile before I finish this one, but it’ll be quite pretty when it’s done. :)

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